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Born as an on-line social network to a national NGO

Who We Are

In 2005, the Taiwan LGBTQ Family Rights Advocacy began as a MSN Community of Lesbian Mothers. The group was primarily focused on the children of lesbian mothers, their needs and experiences. At the time the topic of LGBTQ families and adoption was uncommon and not openly discussed, therefore information was also lacking and inadequate. Many LGBTQ families deemed it necessary to remain in the closet as the best course of action in order to protect their children. During the Taiwan LGBTQ Family Rights Advocacy’s early years were focused on establishing connections and building a support network for LGBTQ families living in different counties of Taiwan.

In later years, we were able to expand our services to include families with two fathers or other diverse LGBTQ families. Beginning in 2012, Taiwan’s legal system made single parent adoption available and our organization began to establish connections with adoption agencies as well as assist social workers and judicial adoption officers to have a better understanding of LGBTQ families.

Later we also began to counsel interested parties on the challenges faced by LGBTQ individuals who wish to pursue biological children via artificial insemination. In August of 2016, we set up a contact “I want a child” to provide consultation and planning to LGBTQ individuals as well as discuss and protect their rights. In November of 2016, our organization joined the Marriage Equality Coalition in the fight for marriage equality in Taiwan and assisted with the petition for same-sex marriage rights. Same-sex marriage was finally passed in May of 2019, which was the first step in the fight for equality. The Taiwan LGBTQ Family Rights Advocacy will continue to pursue amendments and promote laws to help Taiwan become a beautiful society where loving parents--regardless of their gender or sexual orientation--can raise children in a caring family. For additional information or consultation please contact us.

What We Do

Research and Policy Advocacy:

Our organization will continue to promote LGBTQ family rights through policy and laws, in particular seeking to legalize gay adoption and artificial insemination for single individuals or same-sex couples. Legal recognition is a critical step in achieving respect and the freedom to live openly in Taiwan’s society.

LGBTQ Adoption:

Our organization will continue to provide support and information for the LGBTQ community who wish to adopt. At the same time, we will facilitate and educate the courts, social workers, and judicial adoption officers to have a better understanding of LGBTQ families. The Taiwan LGBTQ Family Rights Advocacy organizes conferences to discuss and address these issues throughout Taiwan. We hope this will make the adoption process smoother for individuals on both sides and offer children a loving family.

Artificial Insemination for LGBTQ:

Our organization assists LGBTQ couples looking to conceive biological children overseas through artificial insemination. We are able to introduce and facilitate meetings between interested individuals and couples with experience of the procedure. We also provide medical as well as legal consultation, spousal consultation, as well as educational materials and comprehensive courses. We have published books on the social difficulties and legal challenges faced by LGBTQ Families and organize workshops for families.

Family Services and Education:

We offer a supportive community for LGBTQ families, an adoption community for LGBTQ families, parenting courses, partner counseling, educational materials, and a network for LGBTQ families.

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