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We welcome all families, whether straight parents, same-sex parents, or prospective parents as well as allies and LGBTQ family friends!


Established in 2005, Taiwan LGBTQ Family Rights Advocacy’s original goal was to offer support to the LGBTQ community and families. However, since 2016 we have focused additional efforts to promote and advocate equality for same-sex marriage by joining the “Marriage Equality Coalition” . In 2019, Taiwan’s court ruled on “Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 748” thereby legalizing same-sex marriage, however, adoption for same-sex couples has not yet been legalized. Additionally, some same-sex international couples still face difficulties to marry as well as to adopt. Taiwan has seen amazing progress in recent years, however Taiwan LGBTQ Family Rights Advocacy will continue our efforts for recognition and equality for all under the law.

  • Same-sex marriage in Taiwan
  • Artificial Insemination and the Law
  • Adoption Regulations and Laws
  • Establishing LGBTQ Safe Campuses/Sex Education Laws
  • International Relations
  • Second-parent adoption
  • Inclusivity in Official Forms and Documentation
  • Legal assistance

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